Iā€™m so excited about bringing my love of pizza to your party and I look forward to working together.
— Carl Jackson, Owner

One Bro Pizza Co. is the dream of Carl Jackson.

Since he was young, Carl loved to cook.  As he got older, he refined his skills, cooking whenever possible. Over the years his passion continued to grow and he began to dream of one day having his own business.

While Carl can cook just about anything (you name it), his true passion is pizza (and BBQ). 

After years of cooking pizza for friends and family and constantly hearing "your pizza is the best, you need to open your own place", it came time to do something with all that passion.

Carl felt that a brick and mortar establishment wasn't the right fit for him at this time.  He wanted to offer something that would allow him to fully interact with those enjoying his food.  

A few years ago Carl purchased a wood fired pizza oven for his backyard and had been hosting pizza parties at his house.  The parties were a hit but were limited by the size of the oven and the seating capacity at his home.

After lots of thought Carl realized that he should offer these parties on a much larger scale.  He purchased a full-size Italian made wood fired oven and had a trailer custom made to accommodate it.

Thus One Bro Pizza Co. - wood fired on the go, was born.

With our trailer, One Bro Pizza Co. can now bring the experience of freshly made wood-fired Neapolitan style pizza to your parties and events.

Please contact us for more information or to book a party.  We look forward to working with you!